Everything Old is New Again

Deb’s 90-year-old father was cleaning out his files recently, preparatory to moving to a small apartment. One of the things he gave her was his “baby book”–in this case, a free booklet compliments of Borden’s Farm Products Co. What a

New Year’s Resolutions for Parents

May we suggest some New Year’s resolutions for parents of young children? I will give my children more time to just play, with blocks and other open-ended toys, and with toys that they can pretend with, like dress-up clothes and

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It’s Summertime! Get Out of the House!

At St.David’s, we are lucky enough to have a school forest as part of our property, as well as a wonderful city nature trail behind that, leading to a bridge that goes over Minnehaha Creek. We can say, without a

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Deep Thinkers

Preschoolers can be surprisingly deep thinkers. In the summer, we raised monarch caterpillars as we usually do. One day, Deb noticed one of the boys sitting in front of the cage in which our 5 caterpillars were now hanging from